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Does your business need a spring cleaning?

Mid-year is one of many opportune times to review your business operations globally. If your business year end is June 30, that is even more of a reason to do so. Below are some aspects that can be reviewed, assessed and revised accordingly to comport with ongoing business status and projected operations as well:

-Operational and financial ways to modernize and increase efficiency for your business.

-Review and revise your business procedures, policies as well as update your operating agreement or bylaws to reflect same as may be needed.

-Review and assess record retention (physical and electronic) as well as storage statuses.

-Review your business prior year financials and tax filings as well as current/ongoing tax matters/implications and address with your bookkeepers, accountants and CPA’s to address same for tax minimization.

-Review and update as needed business registration statuses and standing with local, County, State and Federal agencies; and

-Review and renew/update your business identity registrations, trading as name, contact information and all other required licensing, and as set forth on your website.

This list can go on and on, but certainly should be tailored to your business and practices/operations as applicable.  The foregoing is not legal nor other advice nor counsel, but for edification purposes only. Contact your team of trusted advisers to include your attorney, accountant and other support professionals. You may contact us at anytime should you wish to consult and or engage us.

We’d look forward to working with you.

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